Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soon we'll be found.

KAREN WALKER- May i please have these?

The statues that the necklaces are on, remind me of these ones my mum and Gran used to have on display as i was growing up. I am on the hunt for the perfect skull ring. 
Today is the yuckiest weather. If it wasn't for my brolly i would have looked like a drowned rat. I ate oodles of noodles and drank copious amount of green tea this afternoon. Green tea is my favourite. I am so excited for winter. Even though it doesn't get that cold here in Queensland. I am excited for the layering, the jackets, the scarves and the doona days. Tonight i will be watching America's Next Top Model. My boyfriend and I are going to watch back through all 14 season. We are already up to season 3 (2004 episodes). It's funny to see how they act, their styling and their inability to produce a great photo at least 2 weeks in a row in the earliest seasons. But, that's the fun in watching it! 

The current season (14) of America's Next Top Model, which is still currently running have some of the most beautiful girls! I have a girl crush on RAINA HEIN, I hope she wins the series. Here's a picture of what she looks like:


  1. My comment didn't show up!

    I wrote "Boo Alasia!"

    ... I think.

  2. I told you! Eeesssh, i'd hate to be Alasia right about...NOW!


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