Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ye olde faithful Mondays.

I am long legged and i have always found it hard to find skinny jeans that fit my legs...They always seemed to just touch my ankle(ANNOYING). That was until 3 years ago i discovered "Cheap Mondays". Cheap Monday was founded in 2004 as a budget complement to the more high-end brands offered at stores like: Örjan Andersson, Lasse Karlsson & Adam Friberg's in Stockholm. Cheap Monday was first intended as an in-store only commodity, but when the first 800 pairs of unwashed skinny jeans sold out within the first week, the crew of "Cheap Monday" knew they had good things coming to them. Cheap Monday has stayed true to the initial idea of offering a high fashion level products at a price anyone can afford( Most pairs are only $90). The jeans and their other products can now be found in over 1500 stores in over 30 countries all over the world. I remember when i first started wearing them in 2008 they were so hard to find. I bought my first pair (Photo below) in Byron Bay at a shop called Pompidou. My first pair has served me well. The only fault is that a few weeks back i pulled at the belt loop to pull them up and i broke it off! But, it gives them a bit of character now.

I went on a shopping spree last month to start my winter wardrobe and found some Mondays that i really liked but my ankle would not fit through the leg hole. You're probably thinking "well try a bigger size". You see, i used to wear a 25 in them but now i'm a 24. So if i had have gone with the next size up they would have stretched at the waist. Anyway, i then discovered another pair i loved and adored so i bought them and that's basically the story. Not that interesting, BUT i did discover that Cheap Mondays are now doing a hipster style of jeans. Weird to think because they started off only doing high-waisted numbers.  When i wear hipster jeans now i feel odd for the first few hours cos i am so used to high waisted jeans. I find myself forever pulling them up all the time!

Photos: By me.


  1. mondays are the bomb diggity! you make me feel skinny since mine are only a 26 yay. im not so much of a fatty next to you now ally mayyyyy xx

  2. Ha ha. You make me laugh haz. You know you have chicken legs. xxx


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