Saturday, October 16, 2010

after the storm...


Outfit post:
My outfit- Dress: Insight Watch: Nixon Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Jay's outfit- Jeans: Cheapo jeans Tee: Insight Shoesies: Vans Hat: Brixton Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Best day ever. Full stop.

Fish and chips, Coke Zero, sunshine, lack of sunblock, new bike, laughs, no stacks, motorized surfer thing, blue sky, smiles, good company, Sand, crazy seagulls, me getting distracted easily and nearly crashing into a car, 8 km bike ride- Surfers to Mermaid Beach and beach, sun burn, Photos, no rain for the  first time in four weeks!

Also: Insight's S/S range is awesome. George Gorrow and Natalia Wood have designed loads of cool dresses, denim shorts and tank for summer this year! I love a lot of the designs- even more so than last years range. Insight's swimwear range is also one to check out too!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend where ever you are.



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