Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ashley Smith

Girl Crush: Ashley Smith- The girl that has it all.
Jalouse Oct 2010

And again for RUSSH
Oct/Nov 2010

And some more.
Tush Sept 2010

I like that Ashley defies the laws of the typical model body. She is killing it. Designers are loving her.
really like this girl, she's such a beauty and the gap between her teeth gives her that extra charm. ( There are SO many gapped toothed models at the moment!)
I remember the first time I saw her I automatically thought "Whoah, she could be Lara Stone's sister"- Given they both have a gapped tooth grin, large bust and freckles. When i did a Google search to compare the two- I found out I wasn't the only one to think this!

It just goes to show if you have a healthy figure you can be a model too! 

Have a good night!


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