Sunday, October 3, 2010

oh, oh, oh.

Guess what kind of weather it is today? If you guessed raining, then you are 1,000% correct. If you didn't, better luck next time. I am very bummed as i got my sweet new Bicycle delivered today and i was looking forward to riding it. So now i am forced to cut laps (Yes, cut laps) around my kitchen and lounge room. Plus i missed out on going to the vintage markets just down the road. I'm rather annoyed- though my bank account is loving it.

While we were deciding what to do today, i decided to take some photos of my new pretty nail polish that i picked up from Sportsgirl on Friday. They always have a big range of colours at Sportgirl for cheap- you simply can't refuse the $7.95. I'm now three days into wearing it with no chipping. Any cheap nail polish which doesn't chip gets my vote.

So basically I am living in this grey and orange jumper today. It's everything you want out of a jumper on a rainy day. And what's even better is that it's an over-sized boyfriend fit, so it's doubly perfect. If that's a thing.Which it's not.

I'm off to go and grab a bite to eat!

Have a good day!


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