Thursday, May 5, 2011

I fly like paper

A little vintage find. So bloody comfy and soft. I feel as if I should be in Hawaii enjoying a cocktail by the beach or pool and wearing a coconut bra when I see them on their own. But when they're teamed with the right top and jacket and killer heels they look super rad. I will snap some pics over the weekend! I just haven't had any spare time this week to get outfit photos! Sorry about the neglect guys.

Good news: We got the apartment! Ahh, so excited it's a joke. We move at the end of May. I hate moving and cleaning the old apartment is the pits...

I'm gonna go late night shopping tonight to find a dress for a wedding I am going to on Saturday. I never normally leave outfits to the last minute - but like i said I've been busy all week :( I hope I find something cute! Then we have some friends/ family coming to stay tonight as well! So this weekend is going to be exciting!!!!


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  1. I adore the pattern; it does seem revitalise you with this thriving urge to go somewhere exotic and simply make use of it...Great find!

    X Neda X


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