Wednesday, May 18, 2011

jeremy Scott X Swatch

You probably know the 'winged shoes' he designed for Adidas as they were featured on about 10, 000 tumblrs lately. Now, Jeremy Scott can add a collaboration with Swatch under his belt as well. I am a big fan of the "lightening flash" and the "winged swatch". I love the cartoon feel of them. I'd probably give the "Opulence" a miss though, I don't really like the photo frame, it's a little too baroque-inspired for me. Do you have a favourite?

My very first watch was a Swatch from my Aunty - it had a hot pink band and a white face. My dog at the time decided it would be a tasty snack for him and chewed through the band. Mum got it replaced with this colourful band that had little geometric shapes all over it and it was never the same. I still have it somewhere....but I wonder where.

Featured: Swatch Opulence, Lighting Flash and Winged Swatch all three can be purchased here

Happy Hump Day,




    I NEED that winged swatch!

    Thanks for posting lovely.


    Bonnie Friday

  2. That's okay! Yeah the winged one is rad! X


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