Monday, May 16, 2011

pop goes the world

I am so, so , so tired. I'm even yawning whilst typing this post. My sister and her boyfriend came up to stay a few nights, which has been amazingly awesome! I love her coming to stay. She is basically a 5'4" version of me. Okay, maybe not but our personalities are so similar.

Yesterday we dragged the boys around the shops. My sis bought some Ksubi jeans and I bought these brown distressed boots. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for boots like this. The only other ones I liked like this were the Jeffrey Campbell's, but I still wasn't 100% sold on them.I saw these and they're perfect. I probably shouldn't have spent the mulla as we're moving in two weeks, but what the hell. They're leather and they'll last me forever. $220 well spent!

Looking back on the past few posts I realise my shoe obsession has reached an all time high. Oops.

I am a little sad tonight as I had to say goodbye to my sister just before. I hate saying goodbyes - they're the worst. I think it's time for a wine.

Hope you had an awesome weekend!


(photo taken by me)


  1. Love shoes that come with that worn in look already, saves me purposely scruffing them up like the last pair of boots I bought haha. Looks like the most amazing leather too, worth the investment babe!

  2. I'm definitely noticing the intense need for more shoes of late.. I would love some boots like these but in black.

  3. They came in black kimmie - but they weren't as distressed as the brown! That's why I opted for the brown!



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