Sunday, May 1, 2011

village markets- May

The early bird catches the worm - so they say. We were up early to catch some morning sun, grab a bite to eat and a strong coffee,  go for a little walk, and take a look through the much loved Village Markets. The turn out today was absolutely fantastic. The gorgeous sunny weather probably had something to do with it. As I have mentioned quite a few times previously, it's normally raining every Village Market Sunday, so it was really nice to walk around without an umbrella in hand for a change. I picked up two rad pieces that I will do outfit posts on later this week. I love them. And I love that I only spent $25.00 and I now have two very unique garments that noone else I know would own.

There was so many stalls to swoon over this time. A lot of ridiculously cool jewellery and of course one off dresses and a couple of new stalls I hadn't seen there before. I really enjoy seeing new up and coming designers showcasing their designs at the Markets. It's a good way for them to get in touch with the people they are selling to. It's just a little more personal than buying from their online stores.

I quickly caught up with Asha (designer of Calabash) on the way to the markets. We have something cool to show you in the coming months! So keep posted. Check out her facebook for updates in stock etc.

Thank you all for letting me take some snaps of your stalls.


Hope you all are having a wicked weekend and for Queenslander's, I hope you're having a wicked LONG weekend!

Featured. Beautful pieces from Chase Dakota, Indiego Vintage, Fox meets Owl,

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