Thursday, November 17, 2011

cutting through some empty space

Dress | Who Killed Bambi (vintage available soon)

Shoes | Wittner

Bag | Zara

Cuff | ASOS

Necklace | Vintage

Ring | eBay

Continuing on from my "wine" post from yesterday....I did warn you I had a little bit of a thing for maroon still. Not sure why, I thought I saw enough of it through out the winter months.

It's far too hot in Queensland this week to wear anything but loose summer dresses and shorts and tees. It's actually quite hard to dress in summer up here, as when you go outside in nice clothes you never feel nice an hour or so later you just feel sweaty and uncomfy.  Or if it's like past summers and all it does is rain...that's when things get extremely hard as it can be thunderstorms yet still 36 degrees. Seriously - what the hell can you even wear in that type of weather?

This little vintage dress will be available soon on WHOKILLEDBAMBI. I am in love with the polka dots, the neckline and the now short length.

Have a fun Thursday!


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