Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lorna Jane Campaign

So I am over the moon today because my campaign for Lorna Jane hit store nation wide! It's a bit surreal seeing yourself in a shop front and in catalogues!!

I didn't even know 'til one of my friends emailed! She receives emails from LJ, so I popped up in her inbox this morning! He He.

This campaign is entitled "Follow My Lead". Throughout the campaign Lorna is telling her secrets to a healthy successful life.

On another note, Lorna has just released her first book "MOVE.NOURISH.BELIEVE" which you can pre-order here. I can guarantee you it is going to be very inspiring! I was lucky enough to spend the day shooting with her and she is amazing.

You can view the lookbook online here and soon the behind the scenes video will be live!

Hope you're all having a rad day!



  1. Ahhh you hot stuff! You look fantastic! I err... need to exercise more..

    Nora Finds

  2. Congrats! what stunning photos
    and yay for new swimmers, i'm so annoyed i didn't get the ones from last summer. will be sure not to miss out this time!

  3. well done Ally! you look amazing. and you look so tanned in some of them, did they spray tan you for it?
    hehe I find it weird seeing my Element stuff in shop windows and that doesnt have my face on it, I image it must be al that weirder when its your face

  4. Ahhh Kim and I saw the poster in the window this afternoon and we were like "ahhhhhhhhh it's Ally!!!!" I think the people in the store thought we were a little strange!
    Gorgeous photos hun!


  5. I always love their clothes so comfy and stylish great for Bikram Yoga

  6. Thanks everyone! I had to get a gross tan for it! Haha. I loved being brown - not so much the aftermath though! xx

  7. Lorna Jane what an inspiration!!!
    You look babe'n, I'm following you :)

  8. Congrats lovely - you look so stunning. And so motherly with child ;)

  9. You look phenomenal, you must be so excited! x

  10. PS: Jonathan didnt realise we had a child til now haha

  11. Beautiful shots Ally!! Makes me feel like I should go to the gym :P you very much suit the puppy... And the kid... Haha.

  12. Thanks Jas! :-)I want a puppy so bad - maybe not a kid just yet though! :-)


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