Monday, November 28, 2011

Strangeness and Charm

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos - before we started doing this little DIY I didn't think that it could in fact be a blog post...Then suddenly as we were removing the Masonite and nails from the backing I thought "Woo, DIY blogpost ya'll". I didn't have time to grab my camera etc - Jonathan was just moving too fast for that. He is some kind of DIY machine.

So here you have it. What used to be a tapestry piece in an antique frame is now an illustration that Jonathan drew for me! Please note: It is not a portrait.

To make your own at home you will need:

  • An antique frame or any frame you like
  • A Stanley Knife
  • Thick cardboard from an art shop to make you Map board
  • A metal ruler
  • A pencil 
  • A hard surface to cut on. DO NOT USE CARPET!!

How to:

  • Using the backing board from your selected frame - measure out and pencil in the size of your cardboard/ map board. Draw two vertical lines from corner to corner to determine your center-point.
  • Center your artwork and pencil in the size on the white side of your card board.
  • Measure in 1cm in from your artwork line to ensure your artwork is held in place
  • Using your stanley knife and metal ruler cut along your lines and then remove the excess
  • Place map board on top of artwork and place them both inside frame
  • Put backing on frame and voila! You're done.  Pretty damn simple.

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! I can't wait to show you some new stock this week!

Thanks for my present J!
Ally xx


  1. haha love the DIY and the fact he was moving so fast you found it hard to keep up!
    XXX The Sydney Girl

  2. amazing illustration! i had an instagram sneak peek. it's so good for quick on the go and amazing pics.
    is the title a florence welch reference?

  3. oh is it called a map board? ive always called it a matte board.
    nice work on the DIY. I love looking out for old frames at the opshops.


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