Monday, November 7, 2011

things that i'm liking november

Things I am loving in my house/ wearing at the moment:

1. Vintage pieces, Books, Love puzzle, Candle from my best friend and Bec Winnel art work.

2. Crochet bikini top from Finders Keepers market (Lovebird), Forgotten Necklace and Dolce and Gabbana glasses.

3. That Vintage tea cup ring from Style Milk

4. My Jeffrey Campbell, I finally changed the laces to fluro. Much better than the black they came with.

Have a good night! And a big thank you to all my new followers!

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  1. spidey-candle... maybe i should start a new comic book range!!

  2. Aw look at becs work there on your shelf, yay!!
    And the bikini top is sooo pretty, I'll have to look up lovebird, I didnt make it to their stall. Maybe they have crocheted tops :)

  3. :-) You should Haz.xx

    :-) Liss, they had tops! Check them out!xx


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