Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i can hear you call

☠ WHOKILLEDBAMBI | Check my brain tee | you can buy it here

☠ Vintage pants made in to shorts

Mimco, Vintage and general pants bracelets

☠ Vans from CCS

Breo watch

☠ Skateboard from CCS

Karen Walker Necklace

I haven't done an outfit post for a while - so I feel rather slack. Sorry! Normally my outfit posts are done over the weekend, but most weekends lately I have been too busy!

I have been wanting Vans for ages. I went through a Converse stage, but now I don't like them so much...I thought I would give Vans a whirl. Jonathan got them for me from CCS for only $44.95 or something. Crazy price compared to every retailer in Australia which charge around $89.95. I dunno, I just can't really justify paying nearly $100 for canvas sneakers I'd rather spend that $100 on heels.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!



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