Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(Images: Kristian Schuller via Ben Travoto)

Kristian Schullar is one of my favourite fashion photographers. I love how he captures the flow, personality and essentially a storyline with his work.

The three colourful, dreamy and surreal style images I have featured are all part of Kristian's "90 Days One Dream eBook" where Kristian travels to beautiful places around the world photographing beautiful girls as he goes. The eBook features 219 pages and includes a 6 minute Making-Of film. I think I would like this book on coffee table - even if it's just to showcase the cover!

I have finally decided to get my hair chopped..again! So I will show you all after the scissors attack me at 12pm today! Wish me luck!




  1. The third image is one of my favourite images - stunning! x

  2. I love that one too. The warm and the motion of the girls makes it! X

  3. Oh gosh the first one is just amazing! My gosh it's as if the butterflies are coming out of the screen! Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

    Nora Finds

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  5. Gorgeous editorial here stunning


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