Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dream it, Wish it, Do it

So following on from my post about throwing things out, decluttering and re-vamping things around my office I thought I would recycle some cardboard I was going to throw out and an old frame.

It's so simple that the steps should be a given... however I shall tell you my approach. The outcome is so rewarding when the project is so quick.

1// Either buy some cardboard or recycle some of that scrap you might be about to throw out. Go on save a tree. Measure it to the FULL size of the frame and then cut it to size.

2// Pick your favourite quote, lyrics etc and write it down. The messier the better. It's a kind of "in the moment piece", so go crazy, we don't want any of that in between the lines shit. Also, if we did we'd go and by a print.

3// Blu-tac the cardboard to the frame, and then the frame to the wall. It's a nicer approach than hammering nails in to the wall.

4// Voila. 2 minute project, which can give you endless hours of joy and inspiration for those days you really need it.

5// If you get sick of that quote why not take another moment in a month or so and replace it with a new one, or another cute idea would be a letter or drawing from a loved one (after all they're the words/ illustrations that should be on show)

Featuring: Kelly Smith // Birdy and Me // Midnight In Paris

Ally X


  1. A VERY cute idea. I have put a few of these up in my office/studio too. :)

    I love that I can change the quote, so to keep it fresh and inspiring.

    1. Awesome! Yep, that's the great thing about it! You can be continuously inspired due to the fact its so easily changed! XX

  2. Love this tutorial and your blog :)
    Check mine? x

  3. Great post! Very inspiring! Defs trying this!

    Jess xx


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