Thursday, July 5, 2012

Love Aesthetics Splat Nails

Ivania is a genius. I love that she can take simple ideas and put them in to practice.

Her steps, and I quote: "After applying a base color, dip a very thin straw into a different color of nail polish for the splatters. Aim for your nails and blow through the straw! Afterwards, remove the splatterings around your nails with a q-tip and some nail polish remover and you're done!"

I think they look so beautiful! 

Ivania's blog: Love Aesthetics (Images courtesy of Ivania)


  1. they turned out great Ally! im not very adventurous when it comes to nailpolish - 60% of the time mine are bare, the other i go all out with a french mani haha not really deviating far from the natural state. This i think i could manage quite easily! they look like nail strips they are that good, and with the splattters ... anything goes!

  2. Um this is awesome! I totally never thought of this. I'm always down for rad new nail polish colours + crazyness. Totally gonna give this a shot!


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