Sunday, July 15, 2012


Film photos from my holidays // July 2012


  1. wow! just wow! There is something about film that cannot be replicated, too often it is easy to be swept up in the clarity and the ease of digital photography, the excitement while waiting for your films to be processed, the moody and dreamy feeling they evoke are one of a kind! love it! the granier and darker the better, and i love the double exposed could one! awesome!

  2. ahh the birdcages one and the building, love them. you'll have to show me how you use 35mm film in the Diana. cant wait to get me photos developed from the weekend. :)

  3. Completely agree with Adrienne - film has a quality that digital photography could never replicate. Where is the alley with the bird cages? Looks amazing.

  4. Thanks girls! I love film so much at the moment!

    @Liss: I cant wait either!

    @Kiara: They're in Sydney as a part of an exhibition/installation! :-)

  5. Keen eye for aesthetics, certainly love this post. Got my eye on your blog now.


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