Monday, July 30, 2012

I feel the air rising above your touch

I can definitely feel a change in the air here in Queensland. However, you only need to travel 40 minutes south and you will get a rather refreshing surprise. It's amazing! Enough about boring weather, I'm sure if you wanted to hear about current weather you would look up a news site, not my blog.

I found this gorgeous vintage dress somewhere between here and Coffs Harbour. I have lost the exact place in my mind, as all my vintage finds merge in to one now, because of the extensive buying trips I do for Who Killed Bambi.

These ankle boots I have had for over a year now and I love them more than ever. The mustard and neon goodness seems to go with basically all the colourings in my wardrobe. I haven't really spent much on clothes lately, I haven't really seen anything I have absolutely adore enough to make it a feature in my wardrobe. So, you can imagine the joy I get out of not falling out of love with pieces I already own.

My best friend's mum, Sandie has started making one of a kind purses/clutches out of beautiful fabrics! They're stunning to say the least. They come in a range of colours, and no two purses/clutches are the same. Sandie hand makes all her pieces so you know what you're getting is made with care and love. You can see more of them here, on the Elamaya facebook. I am absolutely loving the fabric she personally picked for me. It's the perfect pop of colour for this outfit!

Ally xxx

Wearing: Vintage dress more like this at (, Lipstick boots via Pulp, Elamaya clutch, Nixon watch, Tiffany And Co bow ring and DIY Crystal ring.


  1. these photos are gorgeous ally! hope you had fun at splendour too.

    PS. just did a post wearing who killed bambi ;)


    1. Thanks Jess, yeah Splendour was so much fun, can't wait to get my film pics back!! xx

  2. oh wow... i'm so glad i got to this blog. this is super cute. i'm definitely following you. i can't wait for more posts. this is soooo pretty by the way.

  3. You always look absolutely stunning Ally! I adore this outfit combination - it seems as though every individual piece compliments each other. And I'm loving that gorgeous floral print of the purse (and that it is hand made!) - Sandie is super talented!


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