Sunday, July 22, 2012

Numerology Series

A few months back I was asked by photographer and designer Camille Nathania  to take part in her  Numerology Exhibition Series.

We met up and had a long chat while we took some photos of me (with every man and his dog, child and wife looking)! It was a fun project to be a part of.

Camille's idea behind her project: "The Numerology series concentrates on nine creatives, all of whom are active within their industries, passionately striving to produce better work, influencing the industry in their very own way".  We were all given a number between 1-9, the number we ended up with was dependent on what date our birthday fell on. My birthday is the 25th of March - 2+5=7, therefore I am a 7.

Camille describes me as a cheerful, gentle, spiritual, dreamer. Which, I guess sums me up quite nicely. I am always happy, I have big dreams, I am gentle (I don't like confrontation or drama in my life).

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your exhibition Camille. It was fantastic.

View all the other creatives who took part here, one of them was my good friend Liss from Daydream Lily!

Wearing: East Of Grey dress

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