Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Please don't come around again

Only two more days til we go away!! I have a serious problem with packing. I never know what to pack, so then I always find myself over packing, and then when it comes time to weigh the bags at the airport I'm like 6-8 kilos over our allowance. Who would have thought chunky, Jeffrey Campbell shoes and heavy jackets could weigh so much? This is what happened last time. So this time, I'm going to get this packing thing down pat (purely because it's super uncomfortable wearing 4 layers of clothes on an hour flight...)

I have a bit to organise with my work before I go away, but I will be working while we're away as well. My work is fun so it never feels like a burden. I also will be trying to do a little buying trip for WHO KILLED BAMBI! So if you have any suggestions as to where the best vintage and op-shops are around the Central Coast and Sydney let me know!

Today I am wearing (because I am a little obsessed with my knitted jumpers and skirts at the moment) - Sportsgirl knit, Rubi flats, DIY leather + Bolts necklace, Angel Biba dress and Forever New beanie!

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  1. I found that creating a capsule wardrobe helped with packing. I made sure each item I packed could work in five outfits. In the end, I barely filled half a suitcase and even then it was too much for my two month long trip. It's amazing how creative we can be with a small amount! x


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