Friday, August 31, 2012


Spent the last hour drawing concentric circles on a pair of $8 shoes from target. I documented the project on Instagram, and a lot of my followers seemed to like it, so I thought I would share it here on Unknown Pleasures!

It's a pretty simple process..

You will need:
White sand shoes/sneakers
A pattern you wish to use or you can recreate my concentric circles

The How To:

1. Begin with drawing a few concentric circles on the outer edges. Make sure they're medium size. If you do them too small then you will find it too tedious and too hard to leave a gap between lines...But if you do them too big the effect you are going for just won't be right

2.Once you've done a few on the outer edges you can begin to fill in the spaces with concentric circles. There is no "right way", but I would suggest you alternate the direction of each concentric circle each time you draw. I also think a mixture between 3 to 4 lines looks best (any more takes up too much room).

3.Continue the pattern until all canvas is covered. It will take sometime, but the pattern doesn't need to be "perfect". Be patient, you actually find that the end product no matter if you manage to screw it up will look rad, as there isn't any real focal point!

Good Luck!!

Have an amazing weekend beauties, Ally oxox


  1. Cool idea! My artistic skills could just about cope with that:) Would be fun to do with a kids pair too ... for once they'd be allowed to make a mess

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