Sunday, August 5, 2012


New hair style. And it's about time!

I have been blonde for over two years now, so it's about time for a change and I was finding it SUPER BLOODY frustrating getting my hair done ever four weeks (my hair grows like a crazy person). I went to my favourite hairdresser/good friend Carly and said "HELP ME, MY HAIR IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!"

She did the best balayage I have seen in a LONG time. It's so subtle, natural looking and dreamy.  I am so happy with the result. It's come up pretty dark in this pic, but in real life it's a lot lighter! Now I can just get root touch ups in stead of 100,000,000 foils. It's really a win for both me and Carly, 'cos my hair is so thick.

Anyhoo, Happy Sunday, I am off to have some breakfast and a stroll around the markets with Harri and Emma!



  1. Stunning Ally! You make me want to go get my hair done!! :)

  2. STUNNING raw close up! LOVE IT! What camera did you take this one on? xx

    1. Hey Emm! It was taken on a 5D Mark ii, with an 85mm lens, in natural light! XX

  3. OH MY GOD! SO STUNNING! look at those cute little freckles scattered over your nose such a pretty thing Ally!


  4. yay for balayage!! you do have such htick hair so it must of drove you crazy maintaining the blonde. I was sick of getting my foils done every 6 weeks and sick of the cost!! so balayage has been the ultimate for me, although mine is more just lazy person who dont go to the hairdressers. hahaha.


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