Friday, August 3, 2012

Ride the Lightning

Okay so firstly, I am in love with this cushion I just made this afternoon. Secondly, I was so in love and focused while doing it, I forgot to take "progression shots" because for a moment there I completely forgot I was doing a DIY post!! It's Friday afternoon guys, GIMME-A-BREAK!!

Another simple 30 minute if not less DIY project! Okay here we go.

You will need:

  • Cushion
  • Fabric Paint
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • A medium and a fine paint brush

How to - THE FUN PART:

1) Buy a cheap cushion from a cheap store, seriously don't go buying a good one for this project. Or, if you have a neutral coloured cushion at home that needs some love and a revamp use that. Remove the padding or stuffing because the paint will seep in and all that kind of stuff.

2) With the masking tape, create a design stencil. I went for a lightning bolt shape. I just kind of eye balled it. I'm legitimately surprised it didn't come out shitty, considering how tired I am this afternoon. Look at the pink bits (very funny) in my pics to get an idea of how I went about taping. Imagine tape around ALL the pink section. (sorry, like I said I was so in to it I forgot to get the pics of that). Make sure in the sharp corners of the lightning bolt, you cut your tape on a diagonal to ensure you get the perfect point. Don't just try and wing it by creating corners with the tape. The paint will bleed, and your shape will be ruined.

3) With the medium paint brush try and get as much coverage - get as close to the tape as possible. Note: Don't go right to the tapes edge as there is a chance the tape isn't stuck completely to the fabric of the cushion, therefore it will bleed beneath the tape.

4) Air dry or if like me you're completely impatient, grab a hair dryer and dry the paint that way. Once you can see the paint is basically dry remove the tape.

5) Touch up the edges around the entire bolt with a fine, small brush. And then boom you're done, completed, finished annnnnnnd so on.

Have an awesome weekend guys!

Ally XXX

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