Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hide Behind

And there's no one else
That knows me
Like you do
What I've done
You've done too
The walls I
Hide behind
You walk through
You just walk through

Sportsgirl tee, Rider Shorts, The West Shirt


  1. beautiful!! and how amazing is that bedroom, I want floor to ceiling bookshelves.

  2. Posted on I think some of the #6 plastic coaintners are actually stamped or pressed into a mold. This causes some areas to be thicker or thinner than others, especially where there are folds, ridges, texture, corners, etc. I've tried using similar types of pieces from those sorts of areas with clear #6 and it didn't turn out as hoped. I tried using the #6 foam trays before. That did not work well. It became super brittle.


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