Thursday, August 9, 2012

She's got the skeletons dance

I am going CRAZY over the shade of "Tiffany" blue since finding this Chi Chi nail polish "Plastic Fantastic". When I say "Tiffany" blue, I mean the shade of Tiffany and Co boxes etc. So naturally I think this Samantha Wills ring with the turquoise stones is the best thing ev-orrrrh.

I have been after a dress I could wear at night time that wasn't the usual Little Black Dress or cigarette style pants and a dressy top. The fabric of this Talulah dress is figure hugging, but it grabs to all the RIGHT spots, instead of showing your food baby. Anything that hides the packet of sour coke bottles I just ate gets my vote. I also wanted something that wasn't too over the top, that, if dressed down was a cute day dress as well, because I am all for versatile clothing!

I had some RMK shoes on but I cut my feet off in ALL my picks! Silly tripod BF FAUXTOG.

What I am wearing: Samantha Wills Necklace doubled over to make it shorter and ring from Dissh similar here,  Talulah Dress from Dissh similar here

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