Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All is love

Consumerism this. I'd be blogging and working in the wrong industry if i worried about consumerism. I celebrate Valentine's Day. Any excuse to give and receive gifts has a big red tick from me. Here are a couple of my pressies from my boy. The hat was a joint present for each other- as we both love a good hat. We made a few things for one another too..Plus i got an owl card. My fav!

Hope your secret and not so secret admirers made you feel special on Love Day.

Al aka Owl (now you know why owls are my favourite).


  1. Mmmm kinda loving those sugar skull nail applications! Kudos to OPI for doing a joy job! The vest is adoable and you got spoilt rotten by the looks of things but then again nothing wrong with being absolutely smitten!

    Hope you enjoyed your love day Ally!

  2. I haven't used them yet but im looking forward to it! You sound like T spoiled you rotten too!

    Hope love was all around yesterday!


  3. I think I also have that ring! Is it sportsgirl??
    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, aww I love owls too :)
    I received nail rock nail things, similar to yours, can't wait to use em xxx

  4. yeah sure is! They actually have some nice rings in there at the moment!

    I know- i'm still scared to apply them, i fear its going to end up like my books in high school..all bubbley!


  5. Happy Valentine's! Glad you had a good holiday. These rings in your post are so impressive!
    Btw, eee your body is rocking!
    Great post!


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