Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the sun rose

Happy Hump Day lovers.

Introducing We Are Handsome.

When I view the collections from Australian swimwear label We Are Handsome- I don't just see great cuts,  rad designs and a mixture of colourful goodness . I see the artwork and the fine detailing that would go in to the production of the swimwear line. I find that a lot of brands don't place enough love and thought in to the production of their line of clothing anymore. They seem to settle with near enough is good enough. Modern textiles just isn't the same. Sigh.  So it is refreshing that We Are Handsome is 100% Australian designed and Australian sewn. You know you are receiving the best when the designers; Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers are so passionate about their craft.

My favourite designs are the scoop back, full pieces. What's even better is that I would get wear out of these babies away from the surf and sand. They are so versatile! You would definitely see me in The African and The Arabian scoop back on the streets for that distinctively different look. I'm not one to shy away from bold prints as you already know!!

Their newest collection, entitled "Aviary", features lots of feather prints inspired by mythical birds. It is their best to date! I love the warm colours and I think it is wicked that every piece is placement printed (Yay for not wearing the exact same print as everyone else). The bad thing is you have to wait one more month for it to hit the stores. In the mean time be sure to check their sexy suits from the Spring '11 collection here. Here's to hoping for a second summer..Or at least one summer here in Queensland. Fingers crossed those clouds don't burst for another few months! I'm buying a new Mal on the weekend, so to look like the most stylish kook- I better grab me some We Are Handsome swimmers. At least I can look hot and me falling off my board won't seem so bad.

Be sure to watch this cute little vid as well!

We Are Handsome - The Aviary 2011 (HD) from We Are Handsome on Vimeo.

Director: Jeremy Somers Editor: Neale Irwin Model: Lorene Renard Photographer: Sebastian Kriete Makeup: Rachel Montgomery Hair: Emma Haddock Styling: Jess Kilich Music: 'Sunny' by Twinset

PS: And here's a heads up for Gold Coaster's, you can pick up pieces from Aqueous in Coolangatta.




  1. I love their stuff but it's so hard to find!
    I found The Africa print on a bikini in Paddington the other day...size 6. BOOOOOO!! It's so cute though - the roaring lion is on the bum. xx

  2. Hi Stacey'

    Yeah that one is rad! Bummer about not finding the right one! Check this store
    We are Handsome is in the left navigation bar down the bottom!

  3. I love seeing these types of suits! But to be honest, I don't think I could pull one off!

  4. It's all about confidence Alissa! I'm sure you could rock them! X


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