Thursday, February 3, 2011

little spidey-dude

Bracelet made by me. Spidey-dude from eBay

Spidey-dude came in the post today...Waiting on a few more items for a little D.I.Y post. You should read the letter that came with this patch. So, So, funny. Makes no sense at all. Apparently they were "very appreciated of my purchase" and then went on to say "if you have started using the products, it'll be great if you like the products"....Moving on now, pretty stoked with my $0.99 purchase. Considering the laugh I got with it as well. Money well spent I say.

I am not feeling very well today. I have zero energy- in fact i slept for like three hours in the middle of the day. I felt extremely lazy..But, hopefully i feel better because of it! 



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