Monday, February 14, 2011

The hills have eyes

Make sure you read all the text! Tells the story behind these photos.

So, basically these photos were taken at a typical set of a horror movie (pretty much a demolished, abandoned house in a place we had never been before). We watch so many horror movies, that in my head it seemed like something bad was going to happen to us. I was on edge the entire time we were at this property, so i'm surprised we got good photos! In a lot of the in between shots I looked like I was going to pee my pants. I had the most troubled expression on my face. I kept expecting someone to run out with a knife or hold us captive because we were trespassing where they were squatting.

Towards the end of shooting, two cars rocked up. I was stressing out- because it's not a place to hang out at all, but they looked like they were setting up camp. They parked behind our car and started beeping their horn. I kept saying to Jonathan, "what are they gonna do?". I think I was just assuming the worst because I already had a picture in my head about this place. It was just strange though because the dudes go out of their cars and went to the boot and then they took their shirts off. I'm thinking to myself, "great they're tough guys and they're mad they can't get past our car, so they're probably reaching for a crow-bar as we speak". In hindsight I know that's pretty ridiculous- but when you're in that environment, your mind thinks up some extraordinary things.

The place was so bloody eerie. You can see the extremity of the the destruction in the photo above. Everything was broken. Graffiti everywhere. I guess this proves the "broken window effect" to be a fact. It's just weird to think someone has just abandoned a house in a not so secluded area. It's only a 20 minute drive west of the Gold Coast.

This whole outfit post was such an adrenaline rush. On the drive home, I was saying how exciting and awesome the experience was. It's funny how your brain does that, you can be scared one minute, but as soon as you're removed from the situation it becomes a great encounter. Though, having said that I'm in no rush to get back to the house.

The funny thing is- the dudes that rocked up are probably telling a similar story. "There were a guy and chick at the house when we rocked up. The girl was in this pretty pink dress, high heels and some sort of floral head wear. Who wears that in the middle of no where, not to mention at an abandoned house? I think she was a touch over dressed". "And why was they guy following her with a camera".

Assorted jewellery

Yesterday was the best day I have ever had. Was a really, really busy day but it was so awesome. I went op shopping, went to Bunnings, went shopping, got some wrays, went for a drive, shot these, went out for dinner, go drunk, walked home in the rain. Positive, happy energy all round!

Hope you all had a super rad weekend.

Happy Valentines Day!


Photos: My kickass Valentine, Jonathan.

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  1. The photos turned out beautiful! And what a bizarre story behind them too.

    Do you photo shoots with your boyfriend usually take very long to do? He seems to have a very natural knack at photography!

    Great post! And I love that headband, it's lovely!

  2. Hi Alissa,

    Thanks! No we just take a few shots. We generally are quite fast as we know what works and what doesn't. We work really well together so it's great. We never really have a picture in mind as we both know I you are set in your ways you'll miss out on something magical.

    He is a very creative boy. Photography is just a hobby for him. Anoter outlet for his creativity. :-)

    I know I love my headband too. Roses are my fav.

    Thanks for checking out my post! X

  3. Love the shots... perfect little location too, the rows of trees make for such an interesting background! inspired to go on a photo mission now :)

  4. Oh it must've been worth it, look at the photos!!
    So pretty. I want to find a place like this in Melbourne, I love horror movies :D
    you're so gorgeous, I'm following you now xx

  5. These photos are really great, it was worth the fear!

    You know if you moved into that house and lived there without trying to hide the fact that you were living there; 7 years later if the legal owner didn't know you had moved in, you could make a claim and own that property... cool huh?

    Law nerd

  6. Wow! Photos turned out rad. Miss you terribly. Love you!

  7. These are awesome- I have a put a link up on my blog. x

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! :-)

    Thanks for posting a link @The Italian job.

  9. These are so pretty Ale! You look adorable.
    5 and 6 and the last one - my faves. xx

  10. Alex, I am so in love with this dress!!! Ellie xx


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