Thursday, February 10, 2011

in direction of the moon

With my 21st creeping up on me, I'm looking for inspiration for presents. I'm searching high and low for the ultimate presents. Here's what I'm thinking. Statement jewelry that i can always keep, shoes to feed my fetish, timeless clothing pieces....That's all i have so far.  Maybe i need a bit of help (hint, hint). It's so hard picking things, considering if there's anything I want I just go and buy for myself. So consequently when it comes time for gifts to be thrown my way there's not many things I can think of.


2. Pamela Love jewelry. YES FREAKING PLEASE. I think any girl would be stoked to receive any piece from Pamela's collection.

3. I'm currently obsessed with is the turquoise shade of nail polish used at the DKNY S/S 11 show. Here's an O.P.I one similar!

4. Another Obsession is Fluorescent bras and undies. I love matching sets when it comes to underwear This Jean Yu bra is super cute.

5. YSL RING. Yes, i'm still lustin'. It's kind of sad really.

6. Wang bag.

7. Karen walker The Village sunglasses

8. The perfect boot. Ugghhhh. Jeffrey C, I love you.

Okay, so after researching i found a few things- So maybe disregard the last two sentences of my first paragraph.

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