Sunday, February 20, 2011

lake of fire

 Drowning in Decadence- Lace Dress
Assorted Jewelry
Headband from leopard dress (3rd lot of photos)

Drowning in Decadence- Floral dress
Assorted Jewelry
Tony Bianco boots

Drowning in Decadence- Leopard dress
Joes Jeans wedges
Assorted Jewelry

(Read the "Drowning in Decadence" post first, as this post continues on from it.)

I borrowed a couple of  vintage dresses from my friend Megan to style and shoot a fun little outfit post. All three are so, so cute- It will be sad to give them back! All three dresses are up for sale.
Hope you all have had a super fun weekend. I am so tired :-(




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