Sunday, February 6, 2011

the rest will follow

Shorts: thrifted and then drawn on by JD, TUK Creepers: Market find
Bodysuit: Market find, Jewelry: all sorted, Watch: Nixon, Earrings: Vintage

It's been a bloody hot weekend. That's probably an understatement. Sweating is by far my most hated thing. Smelling everyone's B.O as they walk past you is a close second. At least you can hold your breath when you smell someone, but when you're hot, sweaty and stinky yourself you have to smell it until you get home and have a shower. GROSS. Nothing worse than being clammy. I think I've had three showers all up today- every time I've headed out to do things I've had to have a shower when i got home!

I went to the Village markets today. I picked up a few cute things!! How's this for a bargain? The creepers featured in this post have a RRP of over $100 and i picked them up for $12 after bargaining with the lady at the markets. They were saturated because it rained this morning- so i said $12. A sale is a sale so she gave them to me nonetheless! Score for Ally! I paid retail price for my other creepers so i was stoked when i stumbled across these babies! Plus they have skulls on them and you all should know by now how i feel about skulls!

Do you like my cut-offs? I thrifted a pair of "Wish" capri pants on saturday for $8. And now they are the raddest shorts i own. And trust me, they have some competition. Jonathan set to work on them with a marker and did an awesome job with the print. He is so creative (One of the many qualities I love about him).

I got a recent found love for vintage clip on earrings. They're so cool and most of them are statement pieces. So you don't need to accessorise with much else. Hence why i didn't wear a necklace with my outfit today- it would have been far too busy.

So all in all a great day. Hope you did some fun things over the two days off!

Later skater,



  1. Awesome pics! I totally understand what you mean about the heat... today at the markets was unbearable (but, like you, I also got lucky and scored a few bargains!).

    So glad I found your blog, the photography is amazing, as is your style. I just moved to the GC so it is nice to discover local bloggers :)


  2. Hi! Thank you!Thank you!I'm glad you like my blog

    I hope you like your new home :-) All the photographs of sushi on your first pg of fizzle out make me hungry!


  3. Wow killer shorts, Got me inspired to sharpie attack mine now ;)
    Gorgeous photos, crushing on your blog right now girlie!


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