Thursday, February 17, 2011

black gives way to blue

These are the hands and shoes of my friend Shari. Nothing weird here, but for privacy reasons her face can't be shown, she's a dentist. I kid, she's not actually (On that note did you ever understand those dentist ads?). She's actually really cool- too cool for photographs. Except that one time I did manage to take some snaps of her: check that post here.

Shoes by the shoe god. Rings from Various places.

I like that she managed to colour coordinate her shoes to my carpet. I probably wouldn't have let her in if they clashed.

I received some exciting news today-  I can't wait to share with you!




  1. I have creepy fingers. Creepy fingers that aren't too cool for photographs. Haha. xx

  2. Such great detail shots! Very lovely photos

    Great post!

  3. hi!

    i love your blog! definitely one of my favourites!
    i was wondering what you use to do the headings of each of your posts? is it some sort of drawing tablet?
    i am looking at buying one for my mac and don't know of any good ones!

  4. Come off anonymous and i will tell you all my tricks!

  5. Hi!
    I don't have an account i'm sorry, so I have to remain anon; i am wondering what you do for fulltime work - just modelling or do you also have another job? Don't need to reveal locations etc for safety :)

  6. I'm sorry- But i'm not sharing that with an Anonymous profile.


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