Saturday, May 5, 2012

You were on my mind

1//  Heels and Jeans outfit.

2//  Tastiest breakfast in the land of breakfast foods. Poached eggies + Avo + Turkish bread is truly the best combo ever.

3//  Jonathan on our Bunnings adventure. I wish we had have taken advantage of the sausage sizzle cos they smelt so delicious

4//  The team at The Iconic got me on to this. At first when they said Chlorophyll I thought "Isn't that the stuff they put on rags in movies to make people pass out"...Oh how I wish I didn't admit that to the internet just now. Anyhoo, moving on, It's a cleanser and way more convenient then making your own green drink!

5//  Amazing vintage fabric.

6//  Saturday morning chillin' before breakfast! I love couch chills + coffee. It's our morning ritual. We take it in turns to make coffee, cos we're cute like that.

7//  Lollies + Chocolate fix.

8//  Sass and Bide, Nixon and Vintage outfit.

9// Vintage cookbook cover.

These are photos that haven't been posted on IG - cos I don't see the point of re-posting cos many of you probably follow me on there and that would be pretty boring.

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