Monday, May 14, 2012

Enough already

I'm going to go a head here and appoint myself as spokeswoman for the anti-friendship bracelet movement. They have to be one of the most done to death trends in the past twelve months. Whoah, twelve months - who let that happen!?!

Sure they have been one of the most highlighted details at international fashion weeks, seen in numerous publications and most fashion bloggers stepped right on board that damn friendship bracelet train. But I personally think they were better left in my high school box filled with other memories mistakes, like my silver hoop earrings that I'm sure you could have fit your entire head through.

The so called "trend" was cute for all of about 2 minutes when everyone was like "oh, my lost childhood...oh I'm all nostalgic...something, something, please bring the 90's back". But now it's gone on for eleven months too long, if not more.

So, please step away from the useless coloured string/robe/yarn whatever they're made of and invest in something a little more timeless and something that doesn't get ruined at the sight of water.

Happy Monday, Ally



  1. hilarious!
    friendship bracelets are a great gift to make and give to your bestie…when your 15 yrs old.

  2. Toller Blog !:)
    Schau dir doch mal meinen Blog oder meinen neusten Post an :p

  3. HAHA you make me laugh chicky, love love xx

  4. Amen to that!
    Too bad you live close enough to Byron so that even when the trend fades you won't escape the frayed string demon haha


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