Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dip Dye

Okay, so this fascination with dip dye is in it's early stages. It only began four or so days ago whilst I was on Facebook chat with my bestie.  NB: I almost never use Facebook chat and I'm almost never signed in either - so really this conversation/fascination nearly didn't existed.

We were both trying to come up with new, innovative ideas for our Market stall which was on the 6th May. One of our regular pieces we take to the markets is a white tray table similar to this one - I Googled a bunch of DIY projects and saw the images featured above on a bunch of different interior design blogs. I came up with the idea to do a similar dip dye technique to the legs of said tray table in a coral colour... but ran out of time to do so before Sunday. So realistically this story is pointless to you all. So because I just made you waste 5 minutes of your afternoon reading about a project I didn't in fact complete  - I promise to complete this project for our next stall and I will show you the process.

I really love that this is such an easy way to introduce colour to your apartment, house or even market stall!! White against a pink/coral is my favourite combination! Would you do this to any of your furniture?

Ally X

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  1. love this look - would totally dip dye my furniture (maybe white/turquoise?)! cant wait to see the finished table :)

  2. And maybe BRING it to the markets this time goober!? lolzz xx

  3. love this



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