Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just keeping things simple today. There is something fail-safe about a print tee and blazer combo. I haven't been wearing much black in previous months, but with winter and coldness creeping up and tapping me on the shoulder, I feel like a little more black is going to be entering my wardrobe.

I am wearing: Who Killed Bambi T-Shirt | Coming soon, Witchery Blazer, Aldo boots, H&M Wetlook tights

Happy Tuesday. Keep sane in this working week!




  1. loving the last couple of 'i killed bambi' tees you have posted! will be keeping an eye out for when they go on sale x


  2. Oh my god i need me one of those T's in my life! Cant wait to see in store lovey xx

  3. Just purchased this WKB tee and I'm loving it!!
    I can wear it with so many outfits!!
    Thankyou so much xx


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