Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dream a little dream

My Sister bought me this artwork by the ever so Talented Bec Winnel for Christmas! I was so bloody excited to open it. I love Bec's work and I am now the proud owner of two of her pieces. Hopefully I can add some more over the coming months.

Neon Bandwagon - yep I plonked my ass right upon it. These are a few of my favs. Bloom in Chelsea, Ultra3 in Citrus, Bloom in Charlie and Ultra3 in Carrot.  If you're not one to wear neon clothing/accessories maybe try a neon nail polish, it's the easiest way to dabble in the trend.

Coffee dates are by far the best date. However, this wasn't a date - It was a solo affair. No I'm not some loner who goes to coffee shops by themselves... Sometimes it's nice to go and sit at a cafe, take some time out, write some ideas down and I guess take a step back and assess things. Trust me not only will you go away calmer, you'll go away feeling inspired and ready to tackle the weeks ahead full force.

Today's outfit - Cheap Monday Jeans, Agent Ninetynine belt, Who Killed Bambi Tee which will be in store very soon along with a lot of other RAD things. I missed my shoes, but for those wondering I am wearing some black pumps by Mimi Loves Jimmi. I have been living in jeans, heels and tees lately.

Have an awesome Wednesday night!



  1. I want one of every WKB tee please..... <3

  2. the one about coffee - couldn't agree more:)
    great pictures, as always...

    staklene bombone

  3. Ally!!!!!!! I miss your face. lets have coffee dates. Ahh you got one of my favourites of Becs I call her 'goat head girl' hehe. And I plan on stealing the original when she isnt looking :P love neon nail polish, although at fashion week it looks like the next colour trends will be pastels.


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