Wednesday, June 20, 2012


An easy DIY project for your house, teepee, tree-house, apartment, lean-to or whatever you live in. It will definitely class up the joint. And your friends are bound to say "I love what you've done with the place"

I found this quick DIY on Emmas Design blog and she says you will need these items to complete the project. So that's what I'm telling you to use, as i haven't in fact made it yet, therefore her opinion is way more valid than mine.

You will need: charcoal, nylon thread, black tape, scissors

Her Method:"Start making a sketch in your head. I did that myself and tested my way through.

Cut several pieces of black tape so you can use them when working fast. I stopped when the shape felt a bit unfinished because I did not want it to get too round or triangular, instead I wanted a geometric form that changes depending on how it hangs and from what angle you're looking at it."

My favourite use of the charcoal is definitely the lampshade - love the minimalistic look.

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