Monday, June 11, 2012


A long weekend cut short due to work - but that's okay, we made the most of it with long drives down the coast both days. Saturday was just one of those days where we didn't especially know where we were going - so we just kept driving. We stumbled across a canopy of trees and just knew we had to take photos under it. They were just amazing and so dense. The photos turned out like something out of a fairytale, I feel like a princess when looking back at them.

Hope you're all enjoying your days off!!

PS Kudos to Jonathan for his photography skills, and for continuously improving and amazing me with his work.

Wearing Muui Dress, Nixon Watch and Free People Necklace

Photos: Jonathan Hayward (85mm Lens Canon 5D Mark ii)


  1. love these Ally! it does look like a fairytale.

  2. These photos are beautiful I agree they look very whimsical! Love it!

  3. These photos are perfection - you look absolutely stunning! They are definitely whimsical - the lighting really accentuates that feel! x

  4. wow, the second picture is just wonderful!

  5. Thanks everyone! I love knowing that you love our work! Thanks for letting me know! XO

  6. These are stunning Ally, love the light and the cut of the dress.

  7. Oh my GOODNESS Ally. These are stunning photos! You're a stunning lady!

    Steph xx


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