Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Worn out blues

Ca-lash-sha-lashing. or something. Not sure where I was going with that.

So I thought I'd dabble in the clashing of florals trend. It seemed like a cool, fun way to revamp an outfit that orignally was worn with something neutral.

Wearing | Paperhearts floral blazer and Pants, Mink Pink raglan tee, Vintage belt, Nixon Watch, Karen walker necklace

Happy Tuesday!

Ally xox

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  1. Everyone is going with the floral trend these day but i absolutely love your watch

    xx vacantdays

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS girl! Everything, the floral on floral & these photos!

    Friend in Fashion

  3. Well you've definitely outdone me in gutsy-ness stakes by doing double floral! Looks fabs though! Also loving your blog and am following. Would love your support if you followed back.

    xx Yaz

  4. Clashing floral prints? Hell yes, count me in! Lovely photo too girl (you ALWAYS look stunning!).


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