Saturday, June 9, 2012


So my family are a bunch of creatives. We all have hobbies - whether it's artistic, musical or designing. It's always been that way too. Growing up we all drew, my siblings played instruments and learned how to sing. I never had the attention span to learn. Mum enrolled me in a class to learn guitar, piano etc but It just never stuck. I was more interested in sports and being creative in other ways...

My mum just started selling some really cute pieces on Etsy. Her brand is TigsTogs - all the pieces are handcrafted and she will be doing custom pieces too, so if you need something this winter that you can't find shoot her a line through etsy, she is a knitting machine! The scarves are so rad. There's something about handmade scarves that are so much better than store bought ones. Don't you think?

She offers free shipping Australia wide and her range is from $25-$70

Visit TigsTogs on facebook

Ally X

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