Sunday, June 3, 2012

You know you make my eyes hurt

Wearing my favourite MinkPink red jeans, Sportsgirl Tee, Elements Eden Jacket c/o EE, vintage scarf and $20 brogues from a place I don't want to say (if you ask kindly I may just say) ;-)

Hope you're having a good weekend!



  1. No matter where you got those brogues, they look ace! Love this look - perfect for the weekend. x

  2. Wherever you got those brogues - they're gorgeous! I'd love to know where you got them from...I wore K-Mart smoking slippers today so I am hardly one to judge! Your whole outfit is stunning, the scarf looks adorable x

  3. @Soph, thanks a bunch!

    @Hannah - They're from Rivers of all places! haha


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