Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Guys, there's a serious epidemic out there and it's spreading faster than wildfire. You may have seen it in silk or satin form and *gasp* people are in fact leaving the house with it. *raises eyebrow*

Symptoms for said epidemic include:

1) You begin to justify you look good by saying it's "luxe casual" or "elegantly classy".
2) You begin to have an identity crisis and thus deem it acceptable to leave the house dressed like a crazy person  
3) You start blurting out to random people in public "Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1". But no one will respond with "I think I am B2" because no one is thinking what you're thinking. NO ONE!!

People have said that the PJ trend is an alluring new evening wear option for spring. I am still yet to find proof of this and I think the people saying such things need to back up their claims with some decent evidence - 'cos at the moment all I'm seeing is whole lot of Hugh Hefner look a likes. And do you want to be pay homage to an 80-something year old man's attire?

I quite like the Celine PJ style pants that have been doing the rounds (That print is stunning). The trend I am talking about is the full on top to bottom look. They don't look stylish - they literally look like pajamas, pj’s, Jimmy-jams, jammies.

Riddle me this: If you're going to take the time to put on makeup and pull your hair back into a painstakingly perfect ponytail, wear heels etc then why don't you have time to wear proper clothes.

Okay, I'm done.


  1. You got to admit though, some people pull it off really well!

  2. hilarious, i love it when you have a dig at fashion 'trends'

  3. hahah I dont get this trend either. I like the print style pants just by themselves, pair with a plain white tee perhaps....but some of these look liek the pjs I wore to be last night :P omg that first one looks like pjs and a dressing gown.

  4. Glad you enjoy them @bon xo

    Liss and @Standard Girl! Yay, nice to see you're on board! :) xx

    @Anastasia - I like the flowing pants, people look great in them. Just not a fan of the top to toe action! xx

  5. I honestly have nightmares about the times I use to wear my pjs to class. I'm not quite sure how this is cute. Although those pants look so comfy!

  6. These pics are hilarious! I would definitely wear printed silk pants.. but not with a matching shirt!!

    xx Sharday


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