Thursday, June 14, 2012

Midas Touch

Wearing metallic is possibly the hardest trends to wear as you run the risk of looking like a $2 hooker or like Grandma Yetta if not worn correctly. I find it easiest to stick with neutrals so I avoid stepping in to either of those territories.

Not shown: The numerous mosquitoes that decided to attack when taking these photos. My poor wittle fweets.

Wearing: Who Killed Bambi Tee, Metalic skirt (Similar here), Wittner heels, and spotted stockings I cut into socks, House of Harlow ring, Tiffany Bracelet and Nixon watch


  1. That skirt is so cool!!! Love it Ally!

    xx T

  2. ooh. like that idea of turning stockings into socks...might try that on some of my more worn out pairs!

  3. Totally true and gorgeous photos xx


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