Thursday, June 28, 2012

Someone get me outta here

I seriously haven't been able to take this Stylestalker Parka off since I received it. I probably would try and sleep in it, but I won't, 'cos that's just plain silly.

Such a busy day today - I have barely had time to uh, scratch myself (as they say).  But now, I'm going to unwind browse some blogs, maybe window shop some online stores and probably check instagram like 1,000 times.

Have a good night!


Wearing: Stylestalker Parka, Holy Skirt, Fringe Bag, Sportsgirl tee, Various jewellery


  1. love this <3

  2. in love with your blog right now. adding you on my blog roll! :)

    what camera do you use? your photos are so nice! <3

    xx, i //

    1. Either at 5D mark 11 or a Diana F+ for film! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Ally X


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