Monday, June 25, 2012


What up Monday?

I dunno about you guys, but it was a fight/struggle/ fists throwing kinda morning. I was so snug and I really did not want to get up from under my three doona thick bed. Not even for the delicious coffee Jonathan made me.  ( I take that back J, don't take that as a way out of making me coffee).

So these shorts are comfy, they fit nice, they're warm. So basically all the great features you'd ask for in a short. I mean - I wouldn't be wearing them if they we in fact the most uncomfortable things ever, would I? Though even in all their comfy glory, they probably aren't as comfy as bed was this morning. AMIRITE.

Wearing: Sportsgirl tee, Zara shoes, Nixon watch, Vintage bracelet, Paperheart Shorts, Skull Bag

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  1. Lovely photoshooting and shorts!


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