Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreaded double denim.

Fashion is always evolving and designers are constantly making old trends new again. After watching this weeks Australia's Next Top Model (double denim episode)/ seeing a Pepe Jeans campaign, It made me think about the double denim trend. Yes, the trend that used to been seen as a faux pas.

At first I chose to basically ignore the trend as i didn't take it seriously. I thought that it was a trend that was bound to fall through quickly, or not take at all...Maybe that was wishful thinking. I guess when some trends make a big return to the runways, you wish that you won't see it everywhere. However, everywhere i look there are people wearing double denim in some form or another, as i'm sure you've noticed. I shudder every time i see it. I mean, why on earth did this trend go mainstream...again? I see a lot of "Do's" and "Don'ts", being thrown around when it comes to mixing up pieces of denim to wear. I personally think there most certainly should only be one big don't, DON'T PARTAKE IN THE HORRENDOUS TREND. But that's just me.

I love denim, i wear it all the time. I'm all for chambray shirts, denim shorts, denim dresses, jeans. Just not the idea of wearing them together as an outfit. So, i am resisting the urge to wear double denim.

What are your thought? I'm interested to know!


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