Monday, July 12, 2010

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.

Here is some of Saturday's shoot (following on from yesterdays behind the scene post). This is the grunge aspect of the shoot. I felt like i was a teenager of the 1990's, styled in grunge attire. I embodied the attitude, looked homeless and made the Saturday traffic of Brisbane wonder "what is that girl doing". It was such a fun persona to take on. I got fully into character (Yes, i do "strung out" very well)

If like me you were barely talking or walking in the early 1990's, grunge fashion was essentially a mixture of punk and "outdoor wear". It consisted of plaid shirts, plaid skirts, leggings, oversized jumpers/ shirts, layers, combat boots, denim jackets, torn jeans. The most favoured colours were white, black, red, forest green, indigo, and brown. The clothes sort after by many, were often bought in thrift shops.

I just had a massive realisation when doing research for what was the exact "grunge" fashion. It is sounding all too familiar. I love flannelet shirts and i dress in a lot of those colours and i wear combat boots religiously. I think i am stuck in the 1990's.  Grunge is one of very few styles that can never really die as It's so easily worn, however it's so easy to be taken the wrong way as it tends to look generally unkempt. So, please if you are dressing like this do not look like you live on the streets or like you don't own a brush. It's all about taking aspects of trends and making it work for you.

Hope you like the first look from Saturdays shoot! Keep posted for more to come.


Photos: Dan and Jac at Red Eclipse.
Make-up: Carla Sakrzewski
Hair: Reichen Hodsdon



  1. Wooaaahhhhh I didn't even realise that was you!! Holy crap!! Mad photos.

  2. Thanks lovely! It is me! :-) It's the "strung out" version of me! Ha ha.


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